perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2017

Forgotten Kadath - The Lost Book demo '95

Forgotten Kadath - The Lost Book demo 1995
1) Journey in the Eastern Lands (Intro)
2) The Book
3) Gregorius Philus
4) Via Giugoti
5) Yuggoth
6) Sanitarium (Outro)

Mediafire / Sendspace

Today we're having some Italian doom, courtesy of our comrade Profoundemonium again. Last time he contributed me the Dream Upon Tombs demo and this continues in the tradition of atmospheric and obscure stuff. Thanks for the rip!

As you may see from the cover art from above as well as the band name and song titles this is material inspired by master HPL and thus something young Velkaarn would've been very thrilled of. Well, I still enjoy most things Lovecraftian but not to the same fanboyish fervor anymore. Though I admit I got a strong urge to play Arkham Horror. And to listen to Thergothon which I'm going to put on right after this.

Could you please concentrate on this demo while it's still on thank you? Ok, not a very long one, slightly under fifteen minutes. We've an intro, outro and an interlude (Via Giugioti) each with roughly a minute to their name and three "proper" songs of which Gregorious Philus is an instrumental. Sound is pretty good, kind of obscure and with the guitar a little more distant than usual, with a very clear bass. It's not the muddled sort of obscure, don't get me wrong, more like perceived-through-a-veil-of-mist sort of obnuliated. And I just love the keyboards that come in on the second song The Book, just delightful and now I want to listen to Novalis instead of Thergothon. The effected vocal makes me think of some older Aarni material, or perhaps Umbra Nihil? I should probably check, but I don't really want to do that now. The instrumental G.P.  continues in similar vein and is a bit shorter, yet features some very catchy tunes that however have some sort of strange quality to them. The interlude is somewhat ominous and the last proper track Yuggoth is more guitar driven than The Book was. The vocals have less effect to them and seem a bit more aggressive and menacing instead of the otherworldliness earlier presented. General mood of the song is also more, well, driven and focused than before. The outro is desolate flutes, not quite crazy enough to convoke Azathoth but a nice way to end the tape.

I enjoyed this quite a bit and would really like to hear what little more there is to be found, namely the split/collaboration tape with their black metal side project Atropos (there's a rip of this around so should not be a big challenge to find) and "The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath" released in '95 when they were known as Kadath and played death metal though that probably isn't of similar style or quality. Recommended if you're into atmospheric (death) doom, a Lovecraft-connoisseur, fan of old Italian underground metal or generally very curious.

maanantai 16. tammikuuta 2017

Dark Creation - Campaign in the Sign of Evil demo '98

Dark Creation - Campaign in the Sign of Evil demo I 1998
1) Dark Creation
2) Crosses Fire with Light
3) Sacrifice
4) Dark Horizon
5) Mighty, the Other Belief
6) Master of the Dark Eternity
7) Standing on the Steps of Hell
8) The Final Battle
9) Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover)

Yandex / RGhost

Right, we're yet again in Germany and this is one my random investments, Dark Creation and their first demo from '98 which was released by certain Iron Bonehead productions. I hadn't heard their second demo, just picked this on a whim from someone selling old tapes the other year. Cover scans are enclosed and according to them they play "witching metal" so it's safe to assume the band holds ancient Sodom in high esteem. The band, not the city.

As you can see from the tracklisting, this is an album length demo, roughly 38 minutes to be more precise. Sound is on the less-than-stellar, rough side and music is old school-ish brew of black METAL and thrash blending into traditional heavy, mostly moving in a moderate midtempo. As obligatory namedrops let's say it sounds a bit like a mix of Desaster (middle-era music with demo production) and Usurper (all eras). No, not that good really but it's a decent enough start for your imagination. Vocals mix rather poor death grunts and somewhat better harsh half-shriek/shouts. And if you enjoy shirtless, muscular men the cover pics deliver. I suppose that is enough for now, recommended if you're into this sort of ...thing. I really, really need to get some sleep.

perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2017

Conjured to Baphometh Bandcamp

Conjured to Baphometh - The Spawn of the Lilioth demo I 1995
1) Intro
2) Flowing Through Crystal Lakes and Mountains
3) Dance du Diablo
4) Thus Spoke Lilith
5) The New Age

Bandcamp page

Conjured to Baphometh - ...Wonder? demo II 1996
1) Disturbed Fulfillment
2) Bitumen Journey
3) Within Caverns
4) Behind
5) Flowing Through Crystal Lakes and Mountains (Epic Remix)
6) Evolution - Progress
7) Tribes
8) Behold! (Collision)
9) Chromatic Postludium

Bandcamp page

Sorry the long pause but uncle Velkaarn has been absent in spirit if not in body. Anyways, this post is not of the usual download links and inane babbling sort, though the latter is probably included. Rather, consider it a public service announcement.

Master Lord Azazel Djinn aka L.A.D. which sounds too much like a rapper so maybe Lord A.D. would be better stay on topic old fool has set up a bandcamp page with both Conjured to Baphometh releases, links found above. Some of you lot have already heard half of the demo I as it was mistakenly posted as the second Malitiae tape in the big mix up scandal of December '16, never forget. Now available in full five song glory and more balanced volume, we discover the last two songs continue in similar vein to the first half and indeed fit in the dungeon synth niche.

The second recording, which I had not heard before, features more songs and is... different. Let's keep it at that, a little suspense should do you good and I need to listen to it again in order to make sense. As if I'd let that stop me from writing before, but for now I'm just asking you to check them out and support L.A.Djinn, as well as offer my thanks for making the stuff available!

perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2017

Malitiae - My Inner Blasphemy promo '96 -REPOST-

Malitiae - My Inner Blasphemy promo 1996
1) Goathead (Intro)
2) Förintelsens tron
3) Baphometh

Mega / RGhost

Haven't I seen this before, you may ask? Justified, because last month I already posted the second Malitiae tape... or so we thought! Fortunately our Lord Azazel Djinn happened to visit and delivered an actual rip of "My Inner Blasphemy" promo and my reseach revealed the mistaken item to be half of the Demo I by L.A.D.'s other project Conjured to Baphometh! We remain uncertain how Ronan's mistake came to be, I wager he simply had ripped the wrong side of a cassette that had both. Anyways, everything was sorted out in the end so let's move onto the proper promo shall we?

The structure is similar to what we had before: an intro of almost two minutes, a slightly longer song and a bit shorter one. However, we're dealing with black metal instead of some form of ambient and there are vocals. Which make it easy to ascertain that this time we have the correct recording. Sound is fairly good and clear, despite the very low bitrate of the rip. I suppose it does not make a grand difference for this kind of a primitive recording. It's more obviously a continuation to "Azazel" demo but more coherent and less all over the place. Very rough comparison (and suitably impressive namedrop) would be old Absurd meets old Puissance ...and Woods of Infinity in general, W.o.I. definitely! Now that I listen to it without the initial shock I kind of enjoy it. Kiitos, Lord Azazel Djinn ja kaivetaan loputkin kalmot esiin joku kaunis päivä! Recommended. No, really!

lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2016

Secrets of the Moon - Rehearsals '96-'99

Secrets of the Moon - Rehearsals '96-'99
1) Praise the Kaos
2) Day of Doom
3) The Morbid Dying of the Universe
4) Intermezzo
5) Vanitas
6) Idolize Me
7) My Life for Yours
8) Sailà
9) Under a Funeral Moon
10) Through Golden Spheres
11) Fanatica
12) Thrash Song
13) His Fire My Flame
14) Lonesome in Forest at Nightfall
15) Fanatica
16) Orion in the Nightsky
17) Leichengott / Under the Sign
18) Sodomatic Rites
19) Absu Song
20) Possession

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

One last post for a year ending and again me and brother LKS are in Germany, in familiar company too. For the third time, I present you Secrets of the Moon and this time there is A LOT of stuff, a compilation tape (just over 90 minutes) of various rehearsal takes and bits the band had dubbed to some folks back in... I guess 1999 since that's where the last material on it dates. Scan of the tape cover, just a simple handwritten thing, can be seen above and within. Many thanks for sharing this, LKS!

Since you can see the cover right there I'm not going to go track-by-track saying what is recorded when... I wonder why I actually bothered typing the damn tracklisting in the first place? Because you always do that. Right, let's get back on rails, bro LKS sent this ripped as side A & B and I further meddled with it a little, some strategic normalising and a bit of silence cut here and there as I chopped it into separate tracks. Thanks to my troublesome ways, the sound level is considerably more even than in the original dub but does not really differ otherwise. Most of the time they've a good, pretty clear rehearsal sound . Please note that majority of the tape is instrumental! I should probably add it to tags as it's well over half of the content. More like three quarters actually. The two covers are no surprise as versions exist on other tapes. Tracks 12 and 10 have obviously very rough working titles to them and I think both 2 and 3 appeared under different titles on albums later, but can't right off the bat identify 'em. They were probably further processed too. Same with track four I think. Someone better at this game might do us all a favor and identify what became of them for much rejoicing and facepalming.

Ok, I'd love to drone on, seeing how this still is one of my favourite bands, but some of us have work to do tonight and I think I should sleep too. I bid you farewell now and wish you success, prosperity, darkness and perversion for the upcoming year!

perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2016

Martyrium - Live in Neumagen 17-12-1994

Martyrium - Live in Neumagen, Germany 17th December 1994
1) Intro / Forgotten Spheres
2) Atum's Speech
3) A Living Ba
4) Lucifer Rising
5) Glory of the Raging Storm
6) Into Midnight Silence
7) Winds of Apocalypse

RGhost / 4shared / Mediafire

I missed the truly appropriate window to post this a week ago but better a bit later than to delay any more, as I got this live recording of the German Martyrium at the same time as the one I posted in June. Like the '93 show, this was ripped by brother Grev's associate and edited by me, with the assistance of sister Borderline in fixing the tracklisting. Thanks to all involved parties! Placeholder cover lazily edited from the one I made for the Annaberg live.

The set's duration is almost half an hour and as you see it differs a bit from the '93 one. Sound is also better though by no means polished. All instruments can be generally distinguished without much trouble, even if the busier moments can get somewhat messy. I don't really have a whole lot to say now, it's recommended for all who've enjoyed Martyrium releases so far and vastly easier to approach of the two live tapes.

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Malitiae - My Inner Blasphemy promo '96

Malitiae - My Inner Blasphemy promo 1996
1) Goathead (Intro)
2) Förintelsens tron
3) Baphometh

links deleted as it wasn't correct item!

More contributions follow, this is Malitiae from Sweden, loved by a few, dreaded by a couple more and unknown to vast majority. Not devotees of the Coven though! This is the second tape, of which Lord Azazel Djinn himself commented: "About the other tapes, the second one was in many ways worse (though completely different), whereas the two following ones were standard black metal." Thanks for the chance to hear it go to my collaborateur, the man who originally ripped and scanned this, monsieur Ronan of Psychopathological zine and my lovely assistant not doing a magic show my collaboratrice, the good sister Borderline who forwarded the rip to me and acquired permission to feature it here. Merci beaucoup! Hvala vam puno!

Ok, enough banter, let's move to business: three songs, first being an intro and two "regular" ones, total a bit under ten minutes. Good sound but unfortunately Ronan has ripped it at slightly too loud volume so it sounds a bit more abrasive and broken than it should. This is fully intrumental and resembles most fellow Swedes Landscape and actually a bit Emglev too, now that I listen to the second song while typing this. This might pass as metal, ambient/black metal of some sort perhaps, if one is feeling generous, with the percussion and all. Third track not so much, it's basically keyboards on the background and piano that is beaten played like percussion on the forefront. At the end of the day I can't agree with the artist's assessment of this being worse of the two early demos. And now I'm really curious to hear how he progressed on the stardard black metal demos III & IV! Not obviously for everyone but much easier to recommend than the first effort.

UPDATE: Lord Azazel Djinn sent me his rip of this promo and it's not the one I got from Borderline who got it from Ronan!!! Almost same running time but different material! It has vocals and sounds more like a continuation of "Azazel" demo, I'll probably upload it here as soon as I get some sort of clearence what the hell the item Ronan had ripped is then, as he had provided scans I wonder if he somehow managed to do wrong side of the tape or what ever else may have occurred. Damn it! Now I wonder if it could be a Conjured to Baphometh recording, also by L.A.D. and in that vein.

UPDATE II: Yup, it's partial Conjured to Baphometh demo, not "My Inner Blasphemy" and links are removed. I will make a repost with Lord A.D.'s sending, stay tuned! And eventually CtB demo too.